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Aerial Drone Search And Rescue

Drone Media Centric llc is now offering Aerial Drone Search and Rescue Services. As a leader in Aerial drone photography and videography we are also offering services to help find people or pets across the USA and have seen a tremendous success rate by Drone searching.

We provide two types of aerial drone search and rescue services:


If a loved one is missing.. do not delay.. call us now at 310- 421-8719 . We use 4K full color cameras to help track down your loved in in any environment. Every second count’s call now 310- 421-8719


Pets are more than ever an important part of our families. If you’re like us your pets are really member of your family so much to the point that you call them your “fur-babies!” Occasional our little rascals get out and get lost that where Drone Media Centric llc company comes into play. we can help track down your fur-baby and get it back into you’re loving arms.


The companionship and love of your pet is more than just the cost it takes to replace the dog years of friendship, bonding and love can never be replaced. Let Drone Media Centric llc. help find your pet today.






call us now at 310- 421-8719