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Drone Construction Monitoring

DMC drones are the best way for construction companies to track progress and conduct site surveys on the job site. Our complete UAV system generates aerial images, maps, and 2D and 3D models. Daily flights provide construction project managers, general contractors and survey managers with the most up to date reporting to better track construction progress, manage resources, reduce downtime, and keep projects on schedule and under budget.

Progress Monitoring

Daily or weekly drone flights help construction firms capture progress across an entire job site. Project teams have a on-demand visual history of the latest excavation and construction progress, and can easily calculate distance, perimeter or volume.

Asset Management

Construction assets including materials, equipment, temporary roads and structures can be easily identified and labeled in DMC high-definition images and maps. Stockpile volumes can be automatically calculated, and teams can complete planning on site to quickly allocate space for new assets and resources.